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Kuala Lumpur Symposium on ASEAN University Network (AUN) - Kyoto University (KU)


The ASEAN University Network (AUN) – Kyoto University (KU) Student Mobility Program toward Human Security Development is a part of the “Re-Inventing Japan Project” for fiscal year 2012. Following Kyoto University’s principles regarding international relationships, and its tradition of education and research founded on a global outlook and respect for regional cultures, this program promotes various forms of international exchange that could lead to long-term, creative, international collaborations. The Graduate School of Energy Science, the Graduate School of Agriculture, the Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies in the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, the School of Public Health in the Graduate School of Medicine, the Institute of Advanced Energy, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and the Organization for the Promotion of International Relations are teaming up with universities in the ASEAN University Network (AUN) to develop this collaborative educational program.
In the future, participants in the Student Mobility Program will ideally join academic research institutes, companies, or government agencies focused on tackling various global issues. These alumni of the Program will become international leaders who can work across national borders and connect with individual regions to create positive synergistic effects. Specifically, the program will cultivate talent focused on the following priorities:

 Advancing research in development of human security in collaboration with local scientists, pulling together knowledge from many fields of study;
 Contributing to the creation of innovative industries by working closely with local communities and people, and by identifying potential natural and human resources on the local scale;
 Conducting international negotiations and making policy recommendations that respect national interests and take into account diversity and differences between countries and regions.

The first symposium on ASEAN University Network (AUN)-Kyoto University (KU) Student Mobility Program toward Human Security Development was held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, on November 21, 2013 and the second at Institute of Technology Bandung on June 24-25, 2014.This year’s event will be hosted by University of Malaya on November 23-24, 2015.


The symposium aims to:
 Promote a more profound mutual understanding on research topics among the departments involved in the Double-Degree Program.
 Nurture future leaders who will advance the cause of human security.
 Foster collaboration and links among academicians and students of the ASEAN University network.


Excluding Dinner
RM 200 : Participants from Local Institutions
100 USD : Participants from International Institutions

Including Dinner on 23rd Nov 2015
RM 300 : Participants from Local Institutions
135 USD : Participants from International Institutions

Terms & Conditions:
 All completed registration forms along with payment slip/ evidence are to be sent to the contact person via fax/ email.
 Incomplete registration forms and forms received without payment will not be processed.

Abstract guideline:
 Title, name, affiliation, contact details, theme.
 The abstract word count should not exceed 300 words.

Deadline for abstract submission is
30th September 2015

For enquiries please contact:

Mr. Hud Hanapi

Institute of Graduate Studies
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Phone : +603 – 7967 4419
Fax : +603 – 7967 4606
Email :
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